Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Part 3, Group Outings

The next morning when I got up, Jared and Declan were right there to greet me. Declan jumped right in flirting with me, which I enjoyed. Jared joined in, and I felt a little like a yoyo being bounced around between the two of them. I'd never had so many guys clambering for my attention before. It was nice but a little overwhelming at times.

I talked with Jen, who agreed with me that splitting the guys up and taking them on two separate outings was a good idea. By dividing them in half, it would give them more of a chance to interact with me on a smaller scale and in a more neutral setting. I would take six with me today and the other six tomorrow. The first group was Eli, Alvaro, Jared, Torrence, Ben, and Demario. I was hoping for a sunny day so we could visit the Summer Festival, but the hail put a kibosh to that. I decided that Plan B would be the gym.

When we arrived, we congregated in the lobby for a while. I had to laugh because we sounded like a bunch of magpies as we talked and laughed.

One by one, everyone except Ben went to go work out. He started flirting with me and I couldn't resist fluttering my wings at him. They fluttered even more as I thought about how the guys would look in their cool workout clothes.

Ben excused himself and headed to the pool while I casually made my way toward the equipment. Now, I never thought of myself as a shameless hussy, but I swear I had to regulate my breathing at seeing five guys working up a sweat on exercise machines. I figured I'd distract myself by working out too, but I suppose me in my workout getup was the distraction. At least it was for Jared.

We did more talking and flirting than working out, not that I'm complaining.

I heard a noise coming from the men's room that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. With the full moon being upon us, Alvaro had no choice but to transform into wolf form.

We stayed a little while longer, but I was exhausted by the time we got home. I called it a night, knowing I'd have to do it all over again with the second group tomorrow.

I decided to take the second group of guys to the pool. Sure, we have one of our own at the house, but it's always nice to get out. The second group was Eric, Dante, Pierce, Laban, Declan, and Gentian. It resembled the outing from yesterday, for once we arrived, we all chattered happily. Several wanted to talk to me at once but they eventually straggled off toward the pool for a dip. Only one guy stayed behind to talk.

Pierce and I had a nice time chatting, laughing, and flirting a little. He was easy to talk to, and I couldn't believe how quickly the time passed. The conversation eventually came around to music and we talked about some of the greats and legends, including Wolfie Landgraab.

I guess Jared wasn't happy that Pierce and I were spending so much time together because he marched toward me and insulted my intelligence. Honestly, I don't know why he was so upset and I was very taken aback. Declan and Pierce weren't happy about it, so they immediately jumped to my defense.

I know what I did next was a completely juvenile thing to do, but being completely pissed can make an otherwise civilized person act in a knee-jerk fashion. So, I did what any pissed off fairy would do and returned fire. Ha! Let's see how you like them apples, Jared!

Ben and Declan must have felt the need to play referee because they both instantly materialized by my side. It was unnecessary because Jared and I made it up and had a pleasant conversation. I tried the same tactic I'd used on Eli the first day and told him a fairy tale, which he seemed to enjoy.

I really do need to control my emotions better. I guess I was still feeling prickly because when Pierce started up a conversation with me again, I called him an idiot. Good grief!

There was an audience by then, so I figured we'd all had enough. It was time to return to the house, so I gathered the troops and we headed out.

Since I was in such a bad mood, I asked Jen if I could sleep on making my decision for the first elimination until the next morning. I didn't want to make any rash decisions because they all deserved a fair chance. I certainly didn't want to hurt anybody.

Sleep didn't come quickly because of the decision I had to make. I tossed and turned half the night and finally fell into a fitful doze around 3 AM. I felt rather sluggish and lethargic the next morning, but at least I'd come to terms with what I had to do.

It turned out to be an easy decision. Sadly, Dante and I just didn't hit it off. After what happened on the first day, he avoided me, so there really was no other alternative.

Alvaro didn't seem interested in me at all. The only time I saw him, really, was when he arrived. I wish both gentlemen well and hope they find what they are looking for, which isn't me.

Relationship Scores (4 Sim Days)
Pierce - 34.40937
Declan - 22.97813
Ben - 15.9
Jared - 15.4
Torrence - 8.349999
Eli - 7.525
Laban - 7.5
Gentian - 2.0875
Demario - 2.0875
Eric - 1.67
Alvaro - 0
Dante - -11
Author's Note: I am playing hands off except in cases where I have to step in and tell them to grab something to eat before they die. I got them to the locations for the group outings, but other than that, everything that happened was strictly autonomous.

I'm so sorry, PG. :( Alvaro didn't interact with her at all. He was more interested in interacting with the other guys. Also, Dante never interacted with her again after the Berate Ignorance interaction from the first day.

Ileah and Pierce spent a lot of time together at the pool, which drastically brought up their relationship. Declan flirts with Ileah a lot, which she likes, hence the nice relationship value.  She's already rolled a want to kiss him for the first time and to give Pierce a friendly hug.

Here are some bonus shots.

It's crazy how quickly the place turns into a pig sty when nobody cleans up. LOL! Alvaro didn't seem to mind though, and it didn't diminish his appetite.

Alvaro probably would have scored better if it had been Ileah under his hands on the massage table.

It's hard to keep furniture looking its best when there's a wolf in the house.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Part 2, Here Come the Boys

The next day, I got up feeling very excited but a little nervous. The boys would start arriving this morning. A lot can be gleaned from a bio but there's nothing like meeting the real person.

They arrived in pairs, and the first two were Eli and Eric.

Eli described himself as a Night Owl and a Hopeless Romantic. He admitted to being a bit excitable at times but said he was rather perceptive. I suppose owning a large hotel, he has to be a bit Frugal about certain things if the business is to remain in business.

This Brave, Social Butterfly's name is Eric. His bio says he Loves the Outdoors and describes himself as being Brave and Perceptive. One of his hobbies is taking pictures, so I guessed he had a nice Photographer's Eye.

Alvaro would be the only wolf in the house. I could tell he was Friendly. His bio said he Loves the Cold and Loves the Outdoors. He has a bit of a Rebellious streak and admits to being Neurotic.

Next to arrive was Dante. From his bio, it sounded like this Good gentleman had a lot of talents in many areas. His bio said he was Athletic, Artistic and a Virtuoso. He looked very Italian, and most Italians are Irresistible.

From Jared's bio, he sounded like a fun guy. His looks increased my feelings on that. He was Brave with a Flirty, Adventurous side but was a softie, given his Nurturing and Hopeless Romantic nature.

Next to arrive was Pierce. This Good warlock looked Friendly and Charismatic. I could tell he was rather Athletic, and Pierce proclaims himself to be a Great Kisser. Maybe in time, I'll see if this is true.

The next two gentlemen both had the last name of Ralston, so I knew they were somehow related. The resemblance stopped at the surname, however. I immediately recognized one of them from Lenora's season.

Torrence admitted to being Over-Emotional and somewhat Inappropriate, which he said he always apologized for later. He was a Clumsy Perfectionist who seemed Friendly enough.

This green fairy was called Laban. He professed to be Excitable but was a very Friendly kind of guy. His bio said he prided himself on how Perceptive he is and that he believed in preserving the environment, making him Eco-Friendly. I could tell by his smile that he had a fun, Flirty side.

Next was Ben, whose bio said was Artistic and quite Disciplined. He admitted to being Socially Awkward but was a Brave soul about it. He, too, had a Flirty look about him.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone as unique looking as Gentian. He, too, was from Lenora's season, and I remembered how bummed she was when he left. It was great that he'd come back for another season, and I looked forward to getting to know him, along with the other guys. Being a Plant Sim, it was natural that he had a Green Thumb. From watching Lenora's season, I knew he was a Good, Irresistible guy, who was a professed Athletic Workaholic.

Next up was Declan. He admitted to being a little Eccentric but looked to have a carefree, Flirty way about him. He said he wanted to settle down with the right woman and have kids, which made him Family-Oriented. He was definitely Athletic and looked confident and Charismatic.

Last, but certainly not least, was Demario, whose name I adore. This Clumsy Fairy says he gets a bit Neurotic when under stress. To relieve it, he Loves to Swim. He looked like a Good Guy. A fun fact in his bio said he was a Cat Person.

Jen told me that today would be just a Getting-to-Know-You day and that we should just relax and do what we liked. It didn't take long for the guys to start buzzing around me. Lenora told me to expect that and she sure wasn't wrong.

There wasn't much of a chance to talk to each guy one-on-one, but I figured there would be plenty of time for that. When it did happen, it was very nice...well, most of the time anyway.

Declan started to flirt with me right away, and he said some very lovely things that made my wings flutter. He was a charmer as well as a looker.

Eric said I'd make a beautiful subject for a portrait and that he hoped I'd pose for him someday. As his eyes rolled over me, I could imagine the kind of poses he had in mind. I had to fight the urge to fan myself.

Gentian and I chatted for a few minutes, but it wasn't long before some of the others were wanting my attention.

Oh dear! I'd hoped I wouldn't experience this, but no such luck. I was about to grab some lunch when Eli got it into his head to insult my intelligence.

Now, I know it was Lenora who was the smartest of the Terrific Three, as Christie, Lenora, and I called ourselves, but I'm no ditz either. I was a little hurt but decided to try to smooth things over. I told him a fairy tale, which he said he found amusing and then apologized for his behavior. I shrugged it off, but I sure hope it doesn't happen again.

Dante came to find me in the sauna room and started to flirt with me. I guess I must have still been more ticked than I realized because I took it out on poor Dante.

I knew calling him ignorant was low and I regretted it the instant it came out of my mouth.

I tried to apologize but he felt the need to fire back. I suppose I can't blame him. Well, tomorrow's a new day and hopefully he'll have cooled off by then.

With a huge sigh, I gratefully sank into the water to relax. Alvaro came in to talk to me and asked if I was okay.

When I got out, Laban was there. I think he was the one I had the longest conversation with that day. We flirted for a while, then we talked about our favorite food. Being a fairy, we had that in common, so we talked about that. Then, he said he'd love to paint my portrait and asked if I'd be willing to pose. Between him and Eric, I figured I'd have a bit of modeling to do in my near future.

I suppose Torrence couldn't let his relative outdo him, so he sought me out as I was about to head upstairs to bed. We talked for a while about artwork and books, and it was great to discover that we both had some of the same favorite authors.

I was completely exhausted by the time I made it to my room and rolled myself into bed. I had no idea that holding court with twelve delectable guys was so draining, but it was. I knew tomorrow was going to be a big, long day, so I was more than grateful when sleep came quickly.
Author's Note: I want to thank everyone who contributed bachelors for Ileah's challenge. This is a list of the bachelors and the folks who submitted them.

Eli Reedy from Jazen
Eric Halliwell from Jazen
Dante Morgan from PiazzaGirl1015
Alvaro Kincaid from PiazzaGirl1015
Jared Newman from PinkSparkles3475
Pierce Rawlings from PinkSparkles3475
Ben McCord from Shafer249
Laban Ralston from Shafer249
Torrence Ralston from Shafer249
Gentian Moore from Vuneca
Declan Williams from MyameeGirl
Demario Kenny from ShaliANel (If you download Demario, just copy and paste the file into the SavedSims folder - Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims)