Sunday, May 31, 2015

Part 10, Finale

I was feeling a bit melancholy after sending Eli away. Although it hurt to send the others home, Eli was the one that hurt the most. I snuck away to have a cry and was relieved that nobody came wanting my attention for a while. Sure, this was a competition, but people's real feelings were at stake here. I'd always tried to be considerate of people's feelings and would never want to intentionally hurt anyone.
I finally managed to compose myself, and there was Laban with a big, goofy grin waiting for me. He grabbed my hands and, laughing, pulled me over to the beer keg. "Keg stand time!" he proclaimed.
I did a double-take and gaped at him. "Huh?"
He grinned. "What better way to kick the blues than to have a little fun?" he said. "C'mon. You'll feel better."
I started to giggle. "Why do I get the impression this isn't for my benefit alone?"
Laban laughed. "Curses! She knows me too well," he said. "It mostly is for your benefit, but I'm taking it upon myself to show you how a real keg stand is done. You won't see me falling on my face like blondie over there did."
The giggles turned to an all-out laughing attack. "Big talk, fairy boy," I teased. So, the challenge was on.

And as it turned out, Laban proved himself admirably.

I was still laughing when we were done. Laban's grin widened, but he raised an eyebrow questioningly. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"This. These keg stands bring back some funny memories," I said.

"Want to tell me?"

I laughed again. "See, my two besties, Lenora and Christie, are the sisters I never had. We were inseparable growing up. We studied hard in college but we also liked to have fun. One night, we threw a party and it turned into a drinking challenge. Let's just say, the beer keg was the main attraction. We were all quite inebriated, that is, except for Lenora. Being the Irishwoman she is, she could drink us all under the table and still can. Christie must have driven the porcelain bus a thousand miles that night while I passed out on the front lawn. The next morning, Christie and I felt as though we'd gone through Armageddon and there was Lenora, happily cooking breakfast for everyone. If she wasn't my bestie, I'd have to hate her."

Laban roared with laughter. "Those are some fond memories. It's great that you have good friends like that. I do remember seeing Lenora's season. My sisters are big fans of hers. They say nobody can write a romance novel like she can."

I smiled. "Lenora's one of a kind. Well, Christie is too. They're the best friends anyone could ever have."

He squeezed my hand and nodded. We stood there in companionable silence for a while. It felt nice, and I was glad Laban didn't bring up the subject of his loving me. I knew where my heart was leading me but I had to be so very sure. I didn't want to get hurt again, nor did I want to hurt anyone else.


We were all getting cabin fever, so I took my remaining boys back to the beach. We'd all had a great time there before, and I figured the relaxing setting would be a great place for me to think things over. Declan and I had a great conversation. I expected him to start flirting again, but surprisingly, he was rather reserved this time.

Laban and I fell easily into conversation as we always had. I was reminded once again how comfortable Laban and I were with each other. We had an undeniable connection, and my heart raced with pleasure every time I heard his voice. I knew he loved me from the way he always looked at me, and my soul was responding in kind. The more time I spent with him, the stronger and surer I felt about where this was heading.

Pierce came over, and again, I felt as though he was checking up on me. He didn't look happy that I was deep in conversation with Laban. For someone who said wasn't an octopus, he could have fooled me. Perhaps it was all getting to me, but I was getting annoyed at Pierce showing up while I was talking to someone else. Why did he always pick those times to want to talk to me when he could have sought me out at other times without interrupting?

When we got home, I went to the date room to make my decision.

I think Declan and I both knew what was coming. I loved being around him. He knew how to have a good time, and I loved his fun, carefree outlook. This was another one that hurt a lot to send away.

The next day was surreal. We were down to it now with only two of my boys left. I knew I had one more elimination to go. As hard as it was going to be to say goodbye to one of them, I knew it had to be done. I couldn't argue with myself anymore. I knew exactly who I wanted and loved, and I would tell him tonight.

I asked Pierce to come outside with me so we could talk. He followed me silently, then turned to me with a heavy sigh. "From the look on your face, you've got some bad news for me, don't you?" he asked.

"I'm afraid so, Pierce. I'm, so sorry," I said softly. "I didn't want to put it off any longer because it wouldn't be fair to any of us to drag things out. I care about you so much, but--"

"But I'm not the one you want," he said.

"I shook my head sadly. "I'm so sorry."

Without a word, he headed to the swimming pool and started doing laps as though his life depended on it. I jumped in and tried to keep up. When he was done, he jumped out and shook water off his hair. I got out and stood beside him. "Pierce, talk to me," I said.

"What more is there to say, Ileah?" he asked.

I pulled him close for a hug and he started to cry. "I suppose there's nothing I can do to make you change your mind, is there?" he asked thickly.

"It wouldn't be fair to either of us if I tried to fake something I don't feel. Pierce, believe me, I never wanted to hurt you," I said, emotion thickening my own voice.

"I know...I know," he said, pulling away and dragging the back of his hand over his cheeks. "Well, he'd better take care of you or I'll come knocking."

A slight smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. "Of that, I have no doubt. Have a happy life, okay, Pierce?"

"I'll try," he said, then turned toward the house.

I walked slowly toward the house myself so I could find Laban. I hated hurting Pierce like that, but I knew I'd made the right decision.

I didn't find him inside, so I quickly changed out of my wet suit and headed back outside. I found him standing by the massage table. "I should have guessed I'd find you here," I grinned.

He grinned back. "I like hanging out here and offering you a massage when you arrive. I aim to please, milady."

"Could we talk for a minute?" I asked.

He nodded and his face went masklike. "Best get it over with quickly," he said stoically.

I framed his beloved face in my hands and felt his arms slide around me, despite the stoicism he was trying to keep in place. "I love you, Laban. I love you with every ounce of my being."

He blinked, a confused frown furrowing his brow. "What?"

"I said, I love you, Laban. I've known this for a while now but couldn't tell you until tonight. I-I hope you still feel the same about me," I said.

He whooped, lifted me easily, and spun me around until I was giddy with laughter. "Oh, I do, Ileah! I do with all my heart. I guess I thought...well..."

"There is nobody who could ever hold a candle to you," I whispered before our lips met in a passionate kiss that seared its way down to my toes.

"Well then, in that case, allow me to give you the night of your life," Laban said.

He gave me the best massage I'd ever had in all my life. If I thought he had magic fingers before, that was nothing compared to the talents he displayed this time.

I led him to my room and wasted no time in kissing him thoroughly.

He gave my shoulders another rub, then turned to take my hands.

Laban pulled me into his arms and held me close. "You've made me the happiest man alive, Ileah. I love you so much!"

"I love you...forever," I whispered, closing my eyes and breathing him in.

We fell onto the bed and Laban positioned himself above me. "Are you sure, Ileah?" he asked, both of us breathing hard.

"I have never been more sure of anything in my life," I said. "I'm yours forever, Laban. Now, love me."

Passion met passion as his lips covered mine. I gave myself completely to the man I love and lost total track of time.

Afterward, we lay there, just basking in the afterglow. Laban brushed a lock of hair from my face and kissed my forehead. "So beautiful," he whispered before pulling me snugly against his chest. I uttered a blissful sigh and fell asleep with the sound of the surf in the distance and cradled in the arms of my forever love.

Relationship Scores
1 Sim Day
Laban - 100
Pierce - 80.72812
Declan - 63.10625
Final Scores
1 Sim Day
Laban - 100
Pierce - 82.72812
Bonus Shot

While Ileah and Laban started having their fun in bed, Pierce (who was still on the property but was unselectable after I used Master Controller to add him to another household) decided to play golf. My daughter was watching me play this challenge. Anyway, we were talking as I was getting shots and she just started cracking up. I asked her what was so funny and she said, "Look at Pierce." Well, I looked and I about died of laughter. It looked like Pierce was being a Peeping Tom. LOL! He finally went "home," but it was funny. You never know what can show up in the background sometimes.
Author's Note - So, that's Ileah's Bachelorette Challenge. Once Laban took over the lead, there was no going back.
I'd like to thank everyone who contributed eligible bachelors for this challenge. I enjoyed each and every one of them and wish for them all a happy life.
Laban and Ileah will be seen again, as they will be the founders of a combined Wishacy and modified Rainbowcy challenge that will appear on this blog. Keep following this blog for the kick off, which will be coming soon.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Part 9, True Confessions

It shouldn't have come as any surprise that Laban was there to greet me in the morning when I awoke and came down. It was fast becoming a routine for us, a routine I found I rather enjoyed.

I guess I was feeling a little homesick and missing my besties, and Laban lent me a good listening ear.


As Laban and I talked, Declan came out to grab a few rays. I guess he was trying to be inconspicuous but it didn't quite work. I noticed he sat in the deck chair closest to us. With all this attention I've been getting over these weeks, it was going to take some adjustment getting back to my real life once I went home.

Declan was trying to be subtle, but subtlety was definitely not on Pierce's agenda. He came right over and unceremoniously hugged me. I was taken aback a little, but I really didn't mind the hug. I guess he figured he'd better make a move or something since I'd been spending so much time with Laban.

Declan is one to never be outdone. He got right up from his chair and turned on the charm. Once again, I was hugged, this time by a shirtless guy. Declan's chest felt warm and strong against my own, and I felt his heart beating against mine. It had been a very, very long time since I'd been hugged so intimately by a man, and it felt so good.

Another thing I was becoming very accustomed to was being massaged by Laban. Oh, Mama! That man has the hands of an angel. Regardless of who the winner ended up being, I was going to make it my personal mission to hire Laban as my personal masseuse. I never thought of myself as having an addictive personality, but Laban's technique in rubbing me down was changing that.

Pierce didn't look happy as he came over. I was getting the odd sensation that Pierce was checking up on me at every turn. He always seemed to crop up while I was spending time with Laban. I realize I'm supposed to make myself available to all the guys who want to spend time with me and that is fine. I have done that and will continue to do so, but Pierce's attention, as of late, had notes of possessiveness and jealousy. It made me feel a little uneasy, and I started to think about what life would be like hooked up with Pierce. I don't mind being looked after and tended to since I like being treated like a lady. What I don't like is someone keeping tabs on me all the time and governing who I was to keep company with. Perhaps I was reading too much into it and I sure hoped so. I'd just have to see what happened from here on out.

After Pierce left, Declan and Eli came over for a chat. The tension eased, and I was glad to see Eli and Declan chatting it up. So far, the guys seemed to get on well for the most part, which was nice.

Laban came over to talk to Declan and me while Eli hung off to the side. Funny, but Eli has been rather distant since this last elimination. Maybe this whole thing is getting to him. I sure know the feeling. Uncertainty is a huge factor in this crazy roller coaster ride, and it can get the better of you at times. I could understand someone cracking under this kind of pressure.

A little while later, I headed to the buffet table to grab something to eat and Laban was right there. As I turned to look at him, my breath caught in my throat. I think I must have caught him at a totally unguarded moment because there was no mistaking the way he was looking at me. There was such warmth and tenderness in his eyes, and the way he said my name made me almost weep. This was the way Tyrone looked at Lenora and how Doug looked at Christie. Oh, dear Lord! This man was in love with me.

Butterflies flapped around in my stomach, and I had a hard time getting my dinner down. Until today, I was still very unsettled as to where my heart was leading me. Now, I was feeling a very strong, compelling pull and it was both thrilling and rather frightening. I didn't want to make a rash decision and live to regret it later. I had to listen to my heart but I still needed to keep my head in the game.

I had a big decision to make in a couple hours. Tonight was another elimination, and they were getting harder and harder each time. Pierce sought me out and asked me to come outside to talk.

"You're the kind of girl a guy would be proud to take home with him to meet his folks," Pierce said.

I smiled my thanks but didn't say anything.

"I care about you, Ileah. Maybe I'm in love with you. I'd like to explore that with you," he said.

"I know you care. But Pierce, isn't that why we're here? To explore the possibility of love?" I asked, confused a little.

"I know, but this seems so...I don't know...weird, I suppose. We're all competing for your affection as if you're some prized hog at the State Fair or something," he said.

I couldn't keep back an unladylike snort. "Well, I've never been compared to a hog before," I said. Then, I sobered. "You know, Pierce, this is what we agreed to when we all signed on for this. It's a crazy way to try to kindle a relationship but it does work for some people. Do you regret coming on the show...or meeting me?"

"No, of course not," Pierce said quickly. "I guess maybe I'm feeling a I wish I could have you all to myself but I know I have to play by the rules. I'm not a graceful loser and I'll put up a hell of a fight. I promise I'm not some octopus or anything, but all's fair in love and war."

I smiled. "I'm glad you told me this, Pierce. You're a wonderful man and I do care for you. Whatever happens, please know that, okay?"

"I know," Pierce sighed. "The farther into it we get, the harder it is."

"Yeah," I said on a sigh.

Pierce gave me a kiss on the cheek and then left me. I enjoyed the balmy air for a few minutes and then went inside.

I guess it was my night for emotional encounters and hearing true confessions. Laban asked me for a dance as a slow song came on the radio. He pulled me close and looked down at me with that same soft look he had at the buffet table.

"I love you, Ileah," he said simply.

I was silent for a time, not knowing what to say. I looked up into his face and whispered, "I know."

"I guess I was pretty obvious earlier," he replied.

"Yeah," I said.

"It's not in my nature to hide how I feel. I'm sorry if this puts you in a difficult spot but I'd rather you know. It's time I played my hand," he said.

"Honesty is good, Laban. I'd want that in a relationship. Without honesty, there can be no trust. I'm glad you told me," I said.

He let me go as soon as the song was over. Dazedly, I headed to the date room to make my final decision.

A piece of my heart shattered when I delivered the news to Eli. Funnily enough, he was more stoic than I was. A tear rolled down my cheek when I said that he had to leave. Eli, however, nodded in understanding and smiled a sad little smile. He gave me a friendly hug and wiped away the tear on my cheek. "It was a pleasure, Ileah. May the gods smile on you all your life."

As I'd said before, Eli is such a sweet man and I will miss him terribly.

Relationship Scores
Laban - 100
Pierce - 74.61814
Declan - 60.965653
Eli - 51.43748
Author's Note - As you can see, a new leader has emerged. Another trip to the massage table, the hours of talking, and the dancing zinged Laban's relationship level right on up. Pierce was making his presence known but it wasn't enough for him to keep his lead. Eli didn't interact with her very much and that reflected in his score. Ileah's heart wasn't the only one that hurt when he had to leave.
Some fun facts - In the beginning, Ileah started rolling some wants for Declan. Over time, she rolled a couple for Eli and some for Laban in the last part. This part, she and Laban rolled a number of wants for each other. Funnily enough, Pierce remained in the lead until this part but Ileah never rolled any wants for him at all. It just goes to show that you never know what can happen during these crazy challenges.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Part 8, Flirt, Men, Flirt!


It was another predawn morning for me, and Laban was waiting for me when I came down. It was so peaceful with the sound of the surf off in the distance and the birds beginning to chirp. Laban's warm smile made it that much more pleasurable.

We talked mainly about flowers, but there was a little flirting mixed in. I couldn't believe how quickly the time went as we talked.

We were still yacking away by the time the sun was fully up.

When Laban offered to give me a massage, I certainly couldn't turn it down. I had no idea where this man learned his technique. All I knew was that I could definitely get used to this kind of treatment.

I thought it would be a good idea to have individual dates again today. The guys had been laying it on thick lately, so I wanted another one-on-one session to try to get a better understanding where all of our heads and hearts were going. I was still very unsettled in how I was feeling and so mindful about not wanting to make the wrong decision. I knew I was biting off a lot in coming on this show, but you really have no clue what it really is like until you're here. 

I figured it was time to amp it up a little. I decided to initiate some flirting with each guy and see what happened. 

First up was Declan. I could tell he was right in his element with the flirting. It was nice, but I was starting to wonder if he was really interested in me as a person or if he was a flirt with everyone. The man I'd want to be with would have to have eyes only for me. I guess in this day and age, that is high standards to have, but I'm an old-fashioned girl and I don't share.

Next was Jared. He was a bit stiff at first but got into it after a while. No matter what, I will always care about him, but I just didn't feel that special spark I've been looking to feel all my life.

Then, it was Eli. Oh, he is such a sweet man! He was always giving me little affectionate touches that showed me he really cared about me. Whatever happened, I'd always have a bit of a soft spot for Eli.

Next up was Laban. We fell into a comfortable rhythm, which we always seemed to do lately. He started out being very reserved around me when this show started but that has now changed. He was always concerned about my comfort, and so, he came through with an absolutely heavenly back rub.

Last, but certainly not least, was Pierce. "You remind me of a beautiful butterfly with your wings," he said.

I smiled and thanked him for the compliment. He was a fun guy and I liked him a lot. He was very sweet at times and often said some really lovely things to me.

I needed to do some thinking, so what better way to relax and reflect than to take my guitar outside and play for a while? It didn't take long for me to get some company.

It looked like Laban was looking for some relaxation too. Music is something that's very important to me, so the man I'd want to be with would have to have at least some musical appreciation. Laban seed like he was enjoying himself listening.

Unfortunately, I came to the part I liked least about all of this. I had to do the deed and send someone away.

This was a rather painful decision because I cared about Jared a lot. I just didn't feel that special lift I was looking to feel. Any lady would be lucky to have him, and I truly hope he finds his special someone, the one he is meant to be with.

Relationship Scores

Pierce - 67.19687
Laban - 66.69373
Declan - 56.45938
Eli - 50.89998
Jared - 43.1252
Author's Note - Same premise for these individual dates. I cued up one flirt interaction, initiated by Ileah, and let the guys work their magic. I gave each guy one Sim hour with Ileah before teleporting him out and teleporting in the next one.

The massage table and back rub Laban did on Ileah massively increased his relationship score. 

It was rather funny, really. Although Pierce is in the lead, she hasn't rolled any wants for him. She rolled a bunch for Declan early on, then a couple for Eli this part. She also rolled a couple for Laban.