Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Kira's Keep" Part 4, Where Has the Time Gone?

We start out with the twins learning how to use the potty. Once again, Alaric proves what a great big brother he is. He gets Caleb going while Kira works on Kat. They have such cute expressions on their faces while on the potty.

They did learn how to walk and talk but I must have zone out because I missed getting pictures of that. so, we'll just move right along.

It's birthday time for the twins. Oh, how they've grown!

Caleb as a child.

Katherina as a child.

With age comes a bit of mischief making. Katherina is the first victim when the toilet seems to develop a mind of its own. She screams as water and stuff goes everywhere. "Ewww! Does anyone know jsut how completely unattractive that is? Boys!" Katherina says in a huff.

It isn't rocket science figuring out who the guilty party is. Caleb, you are a live one, aren't you?

Big Brother Alaric falls victim. "Aaaaaargh! What is the meaning of this? I will be a laughingstock!" Well, he has a right to be concerned. Eric, old buddy, pink just isn't your color, I'm afraid.

After those little stunts, Kira gets the twins settled down to do homework. "Time doing something constructive is time well spent," she says once she lays down the law.

"I swear! This place is falling down around my ears!" Kira exclaims as the dishwasher goes out and spews water everywhere. "As if I don't have enough to do around here!"

Alaric can see that his mother is a bit stressed. He tells her a nice fairy tale and is relieved when he gets her to smile.

Kira is terrified that her eldest is old enough to learn to drive. However, she figures if she is brave enough to do the Wild Thing with Ayden Van Gould, she can hack teaching Alaric to drive. After all, how bad can it be?

Alaric learned quickly enough, but Kira's heart is still pounding after a couple of near misses with a tow truck and a fire hydrant. "I must be hanging out with kids too much to be resorting to this," she says to herself as she puts her spray paint can to work. "Either that or I'm losing my ever-loving mind."

Where did the time go? Kira can hardly believe her baby has grown up. It's birthday time for Alaric.

Alaric is now a Young Adult and is available for download.

Now that Alaric is practically out the door to start living his own life, Kira is plotting out her next course of action, which leads to...

Alfred Hoppcraft!

My, my! Is it getting warm in here or what?

Once again, birthday time rolls around for the twins.

Caleb as a teen.

Katherina as a teen.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Kira's Keep" Part 3, Milestones

We open wth an attempted burglary. Good thing Kira thought to install an alarm. With her son and another baby on the way, she wasn't taking any chances. Unfortunately, they got away but nothing was taken and thankfully, nobody was hurt. Kira and Alaric even slept through the entire thing.

Since the school bus is for dorks, Mom lets Alaric ride his bike to school. "Remember to lock it, sweetheart," Kira says as Alaric heads for the door.

"Don't worry, Mom. If someone tries to make off with my wheels, I'll show them just what a fairy can do," Alaric promises with a grin.

Surprisingly enough, Alaric enjoys school and is eager to get good grades. His goal is to graduate with highest honors.

Kira wants to make sure that Alaric isn't feeling out of sorts with a new baby on the way. He assures her that he is dying to be a big brother and tells her not to worry. They end the conversation with a hug and a bit of fairy frolic.

With the baby due to arrive at any time, Kira thinks about how she'll finish up the nursery as she has some dinner.

The blessed event is upon us. Kira's water broke and she'll be on her way to the hospital.

Welcome to the world, little Katherina Marie.

But wait...

We get the Two for One Special. It's twins! Meet Caleb Aaron. As you can see, Caleb is a fairy and Katherina a vampire. Kira gets them fed, changed, and puts them snugly in their swings.

It's birthday time! Alaric got his A in school and is ready for the next step in his life.

But that next step will have to come after cake! One does have priorities, after all.

Alaric as a teen. I gave him his mother's wing color but a different shape. He's growing up to be very handsome.

As promised, Alaric is being an excellent big brother and helping his Mom out with the twins.

Yay! Let's play Airplane!

While the babies are down for their naps, Kira indulges in a much anticipated bubble bath.

Time to vinish up that novel. With three kids and herself to support, money will go only so far.

As always, Alaric wants to contribute his share and borrows his mother's easel. He has inherited his mother's artistic talent.

It's birthday time once again. My, my, but time really does fly.

Caleb as a toddler.

And Katherina as a toddler. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Kira's Keep" Part 2, Taking Care of Business

We start off with Alaric in his playpen learning to talk.

Now, where is Mom while her son is achieving a milestone in his life? She's downstairs fixing the toilet for the umpteenth time. "I'm supposed to be having babies, not killing my back trying to prevent a train wreck. Maybe I'll find a plumber to have the next one with."

Now that the toilet is working temporarily at least, it's Mommy and baby time. "You'll be way ahead of the other kids by the time you get to school, sweetheart," Kira smiles at her young son.

As much as Kira would like to stay home and play with Alaric all day, there is business to attend to. Time to get the next one started, and Ayden Van Gould is the one to catch her eye next. She's never kissed, let alone had intimate relations, with a vampire before. This will be quite interesting.

"Mommy missed you while she was playing. Guess even grownups get play dates," Kira says, then tickles her little boy to make him giggle.

One day, Kira isn't so bright and chipper. In fact, she's downright miserable.

Looks like afternoon delight with Ayden was quite procreative. Baby #2 is officially on board.

"Well, baby, looks like we'd better start looking for a bigger place, huh. Our shoebox isn't big enough to hold us and your little brother or sister. Let's hope your Mommy can find something we can afford," Kira says, cuddling her firstborn and kissing the top of his little head.

It's time to hit the easel again. Kira needs more money and fast before the stork arrives.

Once again, an aching back and swollen ankles keep Kira from long stints at the easel. "Let's hope I haven't lost my touch," she mutters to herself as she pounds out her next novel.

It's Alaric's birthday and Kira is thrilled to have moved into a bigger place by then. Child support from Kris didn't hurt and the nice chunk of change she got from Ayden came just in time. Kira was also pleasantly surprised at all the gifts that came from around the multiverse (thanks to my fellow Simmers for sending surprise gift boxes and care packages).

Alaric as a child.

Alaric, being the awesome son he is, wants to help his mother out all he can. He knows she worries about money sometimes so he tries his hand at writing a Sci-Fi novel.

Mother and son spend a cozy Saturday afternoon working on their various writing projects.

We end with Kira and Alaric enjoying a nice dinner where they talk about what the newest addition to the family might be like. Alaric is excited to have a little brother or sister. It'll be a lot noisier, he knows, but he's looking forward to helping his Mommy out with the new baby.