Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Kira's Keep" Part 10, Future Shock, Magic, and Driving Lessons

As promised, this part is going to be much shorter.

Now that the triplets are older and gaining some independence, it's time for Kira to start her next book. She got an opportunity to write a drama novel to get extra Simoleons and to improve relations with Gentian Moore, so I am having her complete that.

It's time for another day of school, and Carrie has decided that no way is she going to ride the bus. "Now THIS is a cool way to travel," she says as she stepps into the Llama, which they have named, "The Chase Family Trapdoor."

With times a-changin', Kira decides to try her hand at messing around with some Advanced Technology. "Jane Jetson, eat your heart out1" Kira laughs as she programs recipe after recipe into her Food Synthesizer. "Cooking should be a breeze from now on."

She gets so good at it, in fact, that she goes to work on the Sonic Shower.

Kira promises to teach the triplets to drive, but they must finish their homework first. They are doing very well in school, so it doesn't take them long to get it done.

Kira fulfills her end of the bargain. Although she's getting pretty good at teaching her kids to drive, it still unnerves her. She's always horrified when she hears about an accident and she doesn't want any of her kids causing one or being a victim.

While awaiting his turn behind the wheel, Trevor decides to give his mother a special surprise. Being a genie has its perks, and he takes full advantage of them. Trevor conjures a bunch of food to put away so Kira doesn't have to cook for a while. Awww, isn't he a sweetheart?

Birthday Time!



Author's Note: We will be attending Graduation in the next part and will move them out. I do have Stephen, Carrie, and Trevor in my studio ready for download.

Bonus Pics

This is a nice family shot of all of them having some chocolate pie that Trevor graciously conjured.

I always have to laugh when the Not-So-Routine Machine feeds them. It just looks so comical. Here's Melissa making use of it.

This was a nice shot of Trevor and Carrie reading on their tablets.


  1. You're very welcome for the Elixir's is Kira pregnant or did she get seeds for the plant baby her inventory? Just wondering because I had that happen both ways. The triplets aged up beautifully : ) can't wait to see what's next.

    1. Oh, wait over looked something. I see that she did get the seed. : )

    2. Yep, Kira got the seeds. Wow, so you've had it happen both ways? I did quite a bit of testing and all I ever got from a Plan Sim male were seeds. Hmmm.

      The triplets did age up beautifully. :) There will be some nice DNA to add to the gene pool. Kira is now on the hunt for the next baby daddy.

  2. Wait, is this an empty nest of Kira now? How surprising she doesn't have another bun in the oven. Guess she'll be on the prowl.

    1. Yep, an empty next for Kira, but that won't last too long. She's taking a little breather for a minute but it won't be long before she's on the prowl again. :)

  3. Yep it is time for Kira to find another baby daddy as her kiddies are getting older. I wonder who the lucky man/victim will be?

    1. Kira will soon be on the prowl for the next man/victim. LOL! She has quite a bit to choose from, as I just put some more baby daddy material in game. :)