Friday, September 4, 2015

"KIra's Keep" Part 5, The Young and the Restless

We start off with some twin bonding. It's clear to see how much Caleb and Katherina love each other.

They get along great and would rather spend time with each other than anyone else.

Some friendly competition never hurts. Of course, if you're the pillow, you may have a different opinion.

Pregnancy #3 is upon Kira. I wonder how many she'll have this time. She had one her first pregnancy, twins her second, her third...the numbers seem to keep going up.

Alaric has decided it's time to move out and begin a life of his own. Kira fixes him a special dinner before he goes. She will miss him, but she knew this day would come.

And so, we say goodbye to Alaric. He is in my studio on the Exchange available for download.

Looks like home repairs are never ending. This time, it's the sink. But wait...

When it rains, it pours. First the sink, now the dishwasher.

"Why does this always have to happen when I'm pregnant?" Kira grumbles as she cleans u the mess. "Can't I have one pregnancy where I don't have to fix something?"

Not taking any chances that anything else will break, Kira goes to work on the trash compactor to improve it. "Maybe something around here will be reliable. What I actually need is a place to live where everything is easy to get to. It would be nice to not have to climb stairs to get to the nursery. I guess I'm feeling a bit restless."

To get her mind off things, Kira decides it's time to teach the twins how to drive. The only problem is, those two aren't as careful as Alaric was and Kira is scared to death each time one of them gets behind the wheel.

Kira is thankful to have made it back home in one piece. Time to sit down to read a good book on her tablet. Maybe a nice, steamy romance will do the trick. At least someone is getting some lovin', even if it is a fictional character.

It's birthday time for the twins, and Kira gets each of them a special cake to celebrate.

Caleb as a Young Adult

Katherina as a Young Adult

The family sits down to have some cake and talk about the future.

It's time to attend Graduation and Caleb insists on driving. He has improved greatly since the harrowing lessons with his mother.

The twins stick close to their heavily pregnant mother as they head inside for the ceremony. The way Kira is walking, everyone hopes they can get through the ceremony before she pops.

Caleb and Katherina want to move out but they are torn about leaving their mother when she's on the verge of having a new baby. Kira tells them she can manage and that they should begin their lives. She is sad to see them go, as she will miss them, but she knows it's something that must happen. After all, the multiverse needs to be repopulated and she has a long way to go before her task is complete. The twins, like Alaric and her future kids, need to find their way and procure their happiness.

It's been a long time since Kira has lived alone. She enjoys the quiet and decides to put her time to good use. "Gotta finish that novel before Munchkin comes," she says as she brings up the document with her latest book she's writing.

"Whew! That's done," Kira says as she sends her book off to her publisher. "I think I deserve a nice trip to the spa. Gads! My back is KILLING me. It feels like I'm carrying around an elephant."

Kira feels much better after her spa day. She feels so good, in fact, that she builds a snowman. "Guess I've been hanging around kids too much, but I have to say, this was rather fun."

The fun is over and Kira knows it's time to get started on her next book. She's been thinking seriously about finding a more kid friendly house to move to and has been looking for available houses. She's been doing quite well on her writing until...

Looks like the stork has other ideas. Time to get to the hospital.

And here they are. Yep, I said they.



And Melissa

I decided to stop putting in middle names after the first three. Finding first names is hard enough, after all. Middle names can always come later if anyone decides to pick them up for use.


  1. Her numbers do keep going up. Does she have fertility treatment or is she drinking that procreation elixir? I can't imagine the game is increasing them on it's own, but things do happen with this game.

    Congrats on the newest additions. She's going to have her hands full with triplets now that all her help has moved out.

  2. All three of the triplets are fairies, who is the Daddy this time around? Kira is going to have her work cut out for her with three babies. I guess the next time around it will be quads.