Sunday, September 6, 2015

"Kira's Keep" Part 6, Those Crazy Toddler Days

We start out with the triplets in their swings. If things look different, it's because the family has moved into a bigger house and everything is on one floor. I'd like to thank PiazzaGirl for permission to use the house, as she was the one who made it. I don't have a slideshow at this time, but I am planning to do a review for my Sims 3 House Review Series, which is on my Youtube channel. Once it is up, I will link it in a future update.

It's bath time and then bedtime for everyone.

Birthday time!



All three got Kira's wings but I might change them to their own unique color once they grow up.

Time to get to work on those skills. Kira puts Connor and Melissa in the playpen.

Meanwhile, she begins Erica's potty training.

Connor and Melissa get their turns next.

Learning to walk turns out to be much easier than learning to potty.

Oh dear! A potty chair is meant to hold only so much. Good thing it's a tile floor in the bathroom. Much easier to clean up.

It was Kira's lucky day when she came into possession of a magical lamp. She decided to rub it and...

Say hello to Norris Evans.

Kira wishes for Fortune and then Long Life. One can never have too much money. Even though Kira has a long life already, she wants to be sure she has plenty of time to have a LONG vacation once she pops out all these babies. Her third wish was to free Norris. So, once done, she works her own magic on him, and we all know what happens then.

Once again, it's birthday time!




Kira hasn't had much time to paint lately, so she grabs a rare spare moment to try to get something on the canvas. However...

Looks like those paint fumes have made Kira nauseous. But is it really the pain fumes?

Not the paint fumes. Well, Kira, looks like we're in for Round 4. 


  1. Genie babies on the way congrats! : ) I usually reedit the genies that come out of the lamp for different dna other then blue lol. The Triplets aged up nicely. The Chase family is moving right along nicely can't wait to see the newest baby or babies.

    1. You gotta love those genie babies. :) Kira has had mostly fairies with one vampire so far. I decided to leave Norris as he is but when I do more genies, which I'm sure I will, I will probably edit some of them in CAS so they're not all blue. LOL! The triplets are very cute and yep, the family is growing by leaps and bounds. :)

  2. So Connor tot pic threw me for a bit because of the hair he aged up with. I had to go back and check to make sure I hadn't read it wrong. LOL

    The kids are cute, they all look like Kira. I've never done the lamp thing. It's something I might hit during my going solo story, but we'll see.

    Can't wait to see the new baby (or babies I guess).

    1. LOL! Oh man, That hair, I know. It was awful. I sent him into CAS right away to change that up becasue NO WAY was he going to wear that hair.

      The kids are cute and yes, they do resemble Kira a lot. The lamp is fun and I do enjoy playing with the genies. It'll make a good story for a GS gen, and I'll be visiting that myself at some point. :)

      We'll soon be seeing the next baby(ies). Makes me wonder how many she's going to have.

  3. So glad that you liked the house and that was a good idea to get some genie babies as I miss mine in the house. The fairy triplets grew up nicely :)