Monday, September 7, 2015

"Kira's Keep" Part 7, Off to School

The first day of school has arrived. The triplets are growing up so fast. With growing up comes more responsibilities. Kira insists that since they are now a big boy and big girls, they must make their beds when they get up.

The bus has arrived, and the triplets eagerly run to it.

Kira is glad to have some alone time. Her novel isn't going to write itself. Time is money, and she wants to make the most of her time.

Right after school, Kira makes them sit down to do their homework. She bought them all tablets, which they love. Homework goes much faster with technology.

After homework, Connor goes outside to play in the sandbox.

Meanwhile, Erica warms up her dancing shoes and starts to boogie down.

It isn't long before Melissa joins her.

Time to get the kids fed and ready for bed. While Erica and Connor are still eating, Melissa has finished up and is reading a good book.

Kira and Melissa have some fairy frolic fun.

Bedtime stories are the funnest part about getting ready to go to sleep. Kira is a good Mom and reads her kids to sleep.

It starts all over again the next day. We will end with everyone sitting at the table. While the kids get their homework cranked out, Kira is at work finishing her novel. She needs to have it done before the next baby comes.


  1. Aww no baby. :( Next time I guess. Nice shots of the family all at the table together. It's rare to get those shots.

    1. Aww, no baby in this part, but next time for sure. :) Glad you enjoyed seeing the family at the table. Yeah, it's pretty rare to get shots like that. By the time you get them all settled - IF you can, one of them gets up before you can snap the picture. I'm glad I managed it though, as family shots like that are nice. :)

  2. Its not easy to get those nice family shots while doing a baby challenge and you managed to do so :) Looking forward to seeing the baby next time around

    1. Those family shots are really hard to get, and for some reason, it's harder when doing a baby challenge. I got lucky, I guess. Most of the time, one or more will get up before I can get everyone seated. LOL! Silly Sims. Yep, more babies coming up.