Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Kira's Keep" Part 8, New Arrivals

We begin with Melissa having some fun on the computer.

Erica is feeling the beat once again. Boogie Fever is constantly present in this house.

Meanwhile, Kira, who rolled a wish to have a massage, heads off for a nice day at the spa.

While the mother is gone, the T-Rex's come out to play. Let's see if Dino Melissa can scare anyone.

Connor and Erica are having some brother/sister bonding.

Kira doesn't make it through her spa treatment. Looks like she went into labor as she was getting on teh massage table. Labor started before the wish to have a massage could be fulfilled. Looks like it's off to the hospital for you, Kira.

Mother and babies came through delivery just fine. How many babies are there?

***Drum roll please***

And we have triplets! From left to right is Stephen, a Genie, Carrie, a fairy, and Trevor, also a Genie.

It's birthday time for the older triplets.




Melissa is being such a great big sister. She helps get the triplets settled into their swings and then plays wiht them for a while.

The dreaded driving lessons are upon us again. Kira has never taught three of them before, so she hopes her nerves will hold up.

Afterwards, Kira retreats to the drafting table to relax. Maybe drawing will get her heart rate back under control.

It's birthday time for the babies and Melissa is the one to bring them all to the cakes.





  1. Has she had a single birth? I don't think so, she's been doing multiples right off the bat. At this rate she'll be done in no time. LOL

    Congrats on 3 more babies. Last time it was 2 girls 1 boy, this time the opposite. At least the other set are teens and can help Kira out.

    I like the hair on Melissa. It's very cute.

    1. Kira had one single birth when Alaric was born. That was her very first pregnancy. She had twins the second go-round and triplets twice. She has fertility treatment so she'll probably always have multiples. She's chugging right along, no lie. LOL!

      Yep, she has a nice mix of both genders. Most are fairies. She's had one vamp and 2 genies thus far. It's nice to have some teens in the house to help Kira out. It's hard when she has to do it all by herself.

      Aww, thanks. :) Yeah, I thought that hairstyle fit Melissa very well. I have a lot of CC things that I want to try to use during this challenge. :)

  2. Another set of triplets! Things are moving right along. It is nice to have some teens to help out with the work.

    1. I know! More triplets. LOL! At least I haven't had quads...yet. Haha. It is nice to have teens to help out with the work for sure. :)