Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Kira's Keep" Part 9, Birthdays and Graduation

Just a quick note before we get started. This update will be quite a bit longer with a lot more pictures since I covered a lot of ground. I'll try to make the next part quite a bit shorter.

We begin with getting the tots skilled in what they need to learn. The boys are having a great time in teh playpen and learning something at the same time.

Carrie looks so adorable learning to walk.

Erica is being a great big sister and helping with the potty training.

It's birthday time for the tots. Once again, Big Sister Melissa Brings them to the cakes. Sorry. I missed betting shots of the boys, but at least we got Carrie.




Here's a nice little family shot at the table. I didn't get everyone, but at least I got a shot of some of the family members eating and having some family time.

Homework and study time for most of the Chase kids.

With having a lot of mouths to feed at any given time, Kira decides that growing her own produce is probably the best way to go. She's always wanted a garden, so now is the time to start one.

Kira, being the handy Sim she is, is quite good with a hammer and screwdriver. If she's going to grow a garden, she wants top notch sprinklers. Who better to upgrade them than herself?

It's birthday time for the older triplets. Once again, Kira can't believe where the time has gone. The Genie you see in the background is Norris Evans, who she freed from his lamp. I kept him around for a while but moved him out after the older triplets graduated.




With Young Adulthood comes Graduation Day. The Chase family is headed down to City Hall to attend the big event.

Now that the diploma is in hand, it's time to celebrate. I have moved them out, and Connor, Melissa, and Erica are in my studio on the Exchange and ready for download.

Kira takes to Alchemy very quickly. She's gotten quite a few Potent Invigorating Elixirs and Jars of Potent Friendship from Shafer249, so thank you, Shafer. Kira wants to learn to make them and is a quick study. However, even the best of Alchemists can make a mistake, which, unfortunately, happens to Kira.

She goes off looking for the next baby daddy, and the side effects of her mishap couldn't have come at a worse time. Nothing like barfing your guts up in front of a future prospect. I don't think Laban Ralston was none too happy about seeing Kira's lunch come up.

Regardless, Kira doesn't give up and Gentian Moore becomes her next target.

They flirt and kiss a while.

It's not only the kids who can have a secret clubhouse.

So, the pregnancy chimes went off, but when you do Risky WooHoo or Try for Baby with a Plant Sim, you get a forbidden fruit seed. I've only played very little with Plant Sims so was unsure if they could actually get someone pregnant. Female Plant Sims do not get pregnant unless you use a Mod. So as a tip and for future reference, if you do the deed with a plant Sim, even when the female is a non plant Sim, you'll always get the forbidden fruit seed, which means you'll have to grow it and harvest it to get a Plant Sim baby. I will do this with Kira, but I have to get her gardening skill up a bit first. The baby will count although it's not a pregnancy. You still have to put in the work of growing the seed and Kira will be the mother once she harvests it.

Kira takes some time to reflect on her life and relax with some sketching.

Once again, it's birthday time.





  1. Congrats on all the birthdays! The house is moving along nicely. I've never played with the plant sims so I didn't know they couldn't get a sim pregnant. How funny. Well at least you know how. I do wonder if the baby she harvests will show Gentain as the father. When I had Grace plant one by mistake, it didn't show Jonas as the dad, she was the only parent.

    1. The house is definitely moving along nicely and everyone is aging up great. :) There will be a lot of fresh DNA for the gene pool. :) Yeah, it is strange. With all my testing, all I got were seeds from a Plant Sim male, so I guess unless you use a Mod, they can't get a female pregnant. I know female Plant Sims can't get pregnant unless you allow it through MC. I think there was an update where if the one who harvests them is married, the other one will show as a step parent. I don't think it'll show Gentian as the father since Kira is single.

  2. I didn't know how that worked with a plant sim so now I know how it works. The triplets grew up nicely and I can't wait to see what happens next.

    1. I was unsure myself until I did a bunch of testing. All I ever got were seeds so I guess where Plant Sins are concerned, a pregnancy is out unless you use MC or another Mod. I'm pleased with how the triplets aged up, and Kira will be on the lookout for her next victim. LOL!