Ileah Forrester's Bachelorette Challenge

Welcome back! Featured in this section is a Bachelorette Challenge featuring a pretty fairy named Ileah Forrester. Ileah is one of two childhood best friends of Lenora Landgraab. All her life, Ileah admired Lenora's magical abilities and wished she had something like that to call her own. Lenora procured a Blessing of the Fae Elixir from the Great Witch Mathilda's Alchemy cabinet when the girls were teens, with Mathilda's permission. However, the elder witch warned Ileah that these things come very dear and that one day, she would owe both her and Lenora a great service that could be called in at any time. Ileah agreed, and she flourished once she got her beautiful aqua colored wings.

Ileah felt like the odd one out at times once Christie and Lenora started dating their future husbands, Doug and Lincoln. She had many admirers but never found anyone who she could fall in love with, unlike her two best friends.

The girls went to college together but lost touch after Lenora tragically lost her husband and son, Landon, in a plane crash. Christie's husband, Doug, was Lincoln's best friend and didn't do well after his friend's death, having used alcohol to comfort him. Doug and Christie went through terrible times while Lenora moved in with Mathilda and sharpened her magical skill even further. Eventually, Doug and Christie patched things up and their marriage survived. Ileah traveled the world as a renowned artist. She fell in love with a young man in France and she thought she'd met her true love. However, the young man didn't feel the same and finally left France with another woman. Heartbroken, Ileah continued an arduous travel schedule until she collapsed from exhaustion and extreme weight loss. Her doctors advised her to go home and rest if she wished to regain her health. She and Lenora reconnected, and once Ileah's health returned and her heart healed, Lenora convinced her friend to apply to appear on "The One." Ileah thought she'd just be a contestant, if she was even selected. However, she got the surprise of her life when she was asked to be the next Bachelorette. With Lenora's continued encouragement, Ileah accepted.

Ileah's traits are: Artistic, Virtuoso, Friendly, Good, Good Sense of Humor, and Hopeless Romantic

 Part 1, Meet Ileah Forrester
Part 2, Here Come the Boys
Part 3, Group Outings
Part 4, Everywhere I Look, Shirtless Men!
Part 5, Beach Bums
Part 6, Making Some Sense Out of the Chaos
Part 7, Festival Fun
Part 8, Flirt, Men, Flirt!
Part 9, True Confessions
Part 10, Finale

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