Kira's Keep: A 100 Baby Challenge

Welcome to Kira's Keep: A 100 Baby Challenge. This is Kira Chase, our Baby Mama. As you can see, she is a fairy with yellow wings, which symbolizes kindness in my stories. Her aura matches her wing color as happens in all my stories.

As this is one of my just for fun plays, this "story" will be in commentary format rather than an actual story with plot and dialogue. I will be sticking to the challenge rules as much as I can, mostly meaning each baby/pregnancy will be fathered by a different man, Kira will not have a job outside the home (I have a custom homemaker career that I'll be using for her job), she will not get married during the challenge, and she will be the main one to care for the children.

Kira's Traits - Good, Natural Cook, Artistic, Nurturing, and Handy.

Kira's astrological sign is Taurus

   Music - Classical
   Food - Stir Fry
   Color - Yellow

Kira's Lifetime Wish - Surrounded by Family

Here, you will find pictures and biographical information about Kira's kids. These pages will be updated once a kid ages to Young Adulthood.

Page 1

Baby Daddies

1. Kris Pruitt (University Mascot)
2. Ayden Van Gould
3. Alfred Hoppcraft
4. Norris Evans

Kira's Kids

1. Alaric Chase
2. Caleb Aaron Chase
3. Katherina Marie Chase
4. Connor Chase
5. Melissa Chase
6. Erica Chase
7. Stephen Chase
8. Carrie Chase
9. Trevor Chase

Part 1, In the Beginning
Part 2, Taking Care of Business
Part 3, Milestones
Part 4, Where Has the Time Gone?
Part 5, The Young and the Restless
Part 6, Those Crazy Toddler Days
Part 7, Off to School
Part 8, New Arrivals
Part 9, Birthdays and Graduation
Part 10, Future Shock, Magic, and Driving Lessons
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20

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